How do you improve the customer experience?

Global Travel Group - The Answer to Infection

Hands-on zombie apocalypse inspired experience

We likened the potential spread of bad customer service to a zombie virus which - if not kept at bay - could sweep right through the whole business, infecting the company with an incurable disease. Attending what they thought was a standard 'sit & listen' conference a disruptive moment partway though grabbed attendee’s attention. They then all took part in a hands-on zombie apocalypse inspired experience going through 4 workshop zones each equipping them with the knowledge of how to 'avoid infection' from the devastating virus.



agreed and strongly agreed that the event brought the customer experience to life.


agreed and strongly agreed that the key messages were clearly articulated.

Massive thank you for today #TheCept was brilliant. What a Fantastic way to bring The New Retail to life!

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