How do you help a company become one of the greatest places to work in the UK?

Change Banking for Good

Multiple live events and campaigns connecting employees with Vision, Mission and Values.

We have been working with a Global Bank since 2012 helping them launch and embed their strategic vision in the UK. We collaborated with them to create their very first ‘Vision Day’ - one day in the year where everyone in the business got hands-on with the company vision ‘to make lives better’ for customers. During the last 5 years, we have picked up numerous industry awards including, Grand Prix at the UK Event Awards, Most Effective Use of Internal Communications HR Excellence Awards, as well as helping them become the ‘Best Place to Work in The UK’ three years running.



understood the vision and why it is important to the Global Bank.


of employees are clear on what the vision means to them.

I can honestly say after over ten years of working here that my cynicism has evaporated - I really believe there is a genuine desire to change the culture and focus of the organisation.

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