How do you excite people in the potential of Live Biotherapeutics?

Live Biotherapeutics

Brand identity creation and supporting campaign that brings to life the positive impact of Live Biotherapeutics

The Live Biotherapeutics team wanted help creating a brand identity and exciting educational campaign to succinctly showcase what they do and the importance of their job roles. We took a widely complicated subject and simplified it into three short, snappy and digestible films. We also created a new team identity along with different collateral items. Including; digital presentations, t-shirts and stationary for them to use day-to-day.

The success of the campaign led to a four part documentary being commissioned which is currently in the making, and will explore the Power of Live Biotherapeutics in more detail.

The team were blown away with the materials we have produced!! They were impressed in every respect. The bags, t-shirts, posters were just fantastic. It also nicely capped off my session on communication and storytelling.

So BIG BIG thanks to all of you !!

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