How do we make employees advocates for their new brand?

Brand Power Live

Live event with employees getting hands-on with the power of brand

1,100 associates got hands-on with the new Global Bank branding. Through a mixture of hands on workshops, live talks and presentations, They explored the power of colour, the importance of brand and the behavioural science behind words. And if that wasn’t enough we also immersed associates inside an interactive exhibition created to showcase how the new brand strengthens their current offering. All finished off with a closing session that showed associates how they can make a real impact on their customers.



of employees agreed or strongly agreed that they understand how the brand supports their mission.


of employees agreed or strongly agreed that they have an increased understanding of why the brand is important to the business.

Very slick, very engaging - the day went so quickly. The event truly showed the scale and detail involved in changing a brand. It illustrated why brand is important to a business' success and why here at Capital One we cannot ignore our brand image and the opportunity it could provide for us.

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