How do you reconnect employees with the company purpose?



Our Passion. Our Legacy

Experiential learning experiences with employees getting hands on with Purpose

Our approach was unique, as we turned a standard conference setting on its head and transported employees on a journey to a future, without Life Science. Through a series of experiential touchpoints, we immersed employees within the heart of a Life Science company. Using hard-hitting and compelling focus points to connect them at every stage. Employees left feeling inspired, understanding how their job roles are contributing to the wider business and excited for their future career with a Life Science company.



of attendees now have an understanding of a ‘Life Science’ business as a result of attending the conference


of attendees felt actively engaged in the company’s future following the conference

Honestly, working with you guys is just great. Not only do you come up with great ideas and great content, you make it all so easy to execute. No pressure, no stress, just outstanding people doing an outstanding job.

Head of General Medicine