Wellbeing - 30 mins

What’s It For? Slowing down and connecting with what’s around you

Who’s It For? Groups of 3+

Time Needed: 30-minutes

Materials Needed: None


When things get a little too much, simply stepping outside can make a huge difference.

Walkshops are great way of slowing down, reconnecting with the world around you and problem solving all at the same time.

Step By Step:

  1. Step out of your office and wander around. Try to be conscious about what you are attracted to and what you are not. Which kind of buildings do you like? Can you notice any small details that you hadn’t spotted before? What kind of styles draw your attention?
  2. Now slow everything down. Slow down your walking, your body and your mind. Just notice how it feels.
  3. Try and find the beauty in everything that you see.
  4. Ask a question and think about it while wandering and looking for signs/inspiration.
  5. Share back what you have noticed with the wider group.