Three ways to strengthen bonds and camaraderie in your team

People Activation - 3 mins

True camaraderie is a deep, personal connection to those you share experiences with. One that fosters mutual trust, empathy and positive feelings towards colleagues.

In the current climate, businesses have to work harder than ever to build relationships and to keep their teams feeling connected.

When employees have a genuine connection to their role, this is a key driver of job loyalty, which, in turn, can have positive effects for the business. Think of the money a low staff turnover saves in terms of recruiting and training, as well as the time it takes to once again forge relationships with a new member of the team.

Here are some tips for boosting camaraderie in a team as well as some team building exercises which actually work to encourage deeper connections, more meaningful conversations and an effective approach to overcoming challenges as a team.

We are family

Human beings have an innate desire to connect with those around them and making positive connections can transform how an individual feels about their work. We spend half of our waking hours working alongside colleagues and these professional relationships we form can truly make or break the job.

When people feel engaged, heard and appreciated at work, it can have a positive impact not just on their mental health and wellbeing, but on the quality of their work and therefore the business’ overall output.

A shared understanding of the group’s purpose and of one’s responsibilities within a group can strengthen both the group and the individual's sense of belonging.

In order to help team members get to know each other better, try this story sharing exercise which helps create relationships that run deeper than just work.

Enough small talk

Meaningful relationships are built off the back of deeper conversations. Not everyone is used to engaging in this level of conversation, however, and many need to be encouraged.

Becoming accustomed to more in depth discussions with members of the team can not only aid in fostering better connections internally but can improve a person’s ability to connect with others in general; for example in presentations, client meetings and when representing the company at events.

If you struggle to start up new conversations or want to work on building deeper connections in your team, have a go at this pairs exercise for kick starting conversation.

A problem shared... a problem halved. Two heads are better than one. Teamwork makes the dream work. These are all sayings about the power of people and that we don’t have to struggle through problems alone.

An inclusive and supportive team can be incredibly effective in working through challenges to come up with innovative solutions.

To work on problem solving as a group, try this ‘Masterminding’ exercise in which groups of people come together to solve problems for each other.

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