The People Activation Manifesto

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The People Activation Manifesto is the genesis of our business. It describes who we are, what we stand for, what we do every day and what we strive to achieve and become.

As such, all of our mission, vision and values are based around these seven fundamentals - each of which we both practice and preach.

Our first value is based around ‘purpose’, as this is considered the most important source of meaning in supportive work cultures. Purpose makes us less self-centred and encourages us to act as though we are part of something bigger.

Secondly, we state that all employee events should come before leadership events. This is because we believe that top-down cascades are slow and outdated - instead, we should look to ‘go-wide’, and activate as many team members as possible.

Our third value reinforces our belief in people. We know that creating shared moments of meaning will help to consolidate pride in purpose, and will in turn help to unleash energy, agility and camaraderie.

As change requires action, our fourth value encourages us to ‘activate’, as opposed to just communicating. Effective internal communication is vital to business success, but all too often, practitioners have little influence at board-level. Their role is therefore considered a conduit for communicating the ‘need’ to change - rather than being a catalyst for ‘activating’ change.

We also believe in the power of ‘little and often’; because we know that campaigns help to build tribes - and tribes create action. As the fifth part of our manifesto, we encourage subtle but significant drips of information that gradually build up into a strong cause for change.

Activating your mind is key to success - that’s why we implore people to get ‘hands on’. Our sixth value reflects our commitment to exploring, experimenting and learning, as this is the way we’re designed to live and work. Getting hands on is encouraging, and it inspires action that creates change.

Our final value demonstrates that we work with people, for people. We help organisations activate their teams, achieve their ambitions and create a positive impact. We do this by designing experiences that help change the way organisations think, behave and perform in their roles, and we always do this by putting people first.

The People Activation Manifesto

To learn more about some of our thoughts and tips on how to implement some of our manifesto ideas into your business, we have loads of useful resources to inspire this.

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