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Rewarding Impact, Not Labour.

Chris Teague - 2 mins

What’s it for: Creating impact.

Who’s it for: The excessively busy.

One of my favourite blogs this year was this simple one below from Seth Godin; ‘Busy is not the point’.

Building on my earlier post IT’S TIME TO STOP CELEBRATING CRAZY AT WORK this blog is a simple reminder that work is about making an impact and not putting in a shift.

If everyone focused on making an impact and prioritised their time and actions based on the desired impact, then who’s counting when it comes to the hours worked. Working long hours and being excessively busy are not a badge of honour, being able to make an impact is.

Busy is not the point (Seth Godin) There’s a common safe place: Being busy. We’re supposed to give you a pass because you were full on, all day. Frantically moving from one thing to the other, never pausing to catch your breath, and now you’re exhausted. No points for busy. Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters. No points for busy.