Problem Solving - 10 minutes per person

What’s It For? Problem solving as part of a team

Who’s It For? Groups of 3-6

Time Needed: 10 minutes per person

Materials Needed: None

Not just a problem solving activity, but a team building activity too! Masterminding uses small groups of people to problem solve for each other. Often creating real, tangible differences and forming lasting relationships.

Step By Step:

  1. Working in their groups ask people to take it in turns to share a challenge they are currently facing. These challenges can be anything from professional to personal. Ask the first person to read their challenge aloud to the group.

  2. The remainder of the group then take it in turns asking questions about the persons challenge. These questions should be ones that build on the problem and are often based on feelings and the wider picture of the problem presented.

  3. The person with the challenge then reads their challenge again to the group to remind everybody what the real challenge is.

  4. The group then take it in turns to offer solutions to this person. The person is not allowed to speak during this time. They simply wait until everybody has offered solutions and say ‘thank you.’

  5. This process is repeated until everybody in the group has had a turn.

Top Tip: To get the most out of this activity, ask people to come with real problems that they are facing so they can receive tangible solutions that make a real difference.