How shared experiences can re-energise your team

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How shared experiences can re-energise your team

Each team is made up of individuals, each with their different role, job description and set of responsibilities. But it’s the way in which those individuals come together, with the combined skills and experiences they bring, and the relationships between them, that can truly make a great team.

In the wake of a year where it’s been easier than ever to feel distant from the people we work with, we want to take a look at how we can re-energise our teams who might be feeling a little drained.

At People Activation, we believe that creating shared experiences among colleagues is a truly effective way of changing behaviour and boosting performance. Here are a few ways that you can start to create shared experiences for your workforce.


Coming together to work on a project with other team members is a great way to energise your team. Especially if the project is a particularly difficult one or one where everyone has to work really hard to get to the end, it can be a huge boost to the team when it finishes and they can see the results of their hard work.

When people collaborate, they can complement each other, each person taking up the roles in which they thrive. Take some time to think about which people would complement each other’s skills and enjoy watching how they bring out the best in each other.


Whether it’s a professional achievement or a personal occasion, finding time to celebrate with a team is a great way to boost morale. A shout out to someone who’s worked hard that week, a team that has pulled off an impressive project or a card signed by the whole team for someone’s birthday.

It doesn’t take much but it can have a big impact on how an individual feels about their job and their colleagues.


Friendships and positive connections within teams can actually boost productivity and job satisfaction, so it’s important to foster an atmosphere where people are able to form these connections.

Set aside time for non-work talk or give people something to look forward to by planning social activities outside of work. Now that restrictions are easing and things are opening back up again, why not put a date in the diary for a social get-together in small groups or as the full team later in the year.


At People Activation, we work with teams to design experiences that help change the way people think, behave and perform in their roles.

Not simply a team building activity, our bespoke activations are tailored to suit your company’s needs.

Want to boost camaraderie in your team, make your workforce more agile, help employees find a pride of purpose or learn how to manage energy instead of time? Through on and offline campaigns, live events and workshops, we curate activations to suit a business’ needs in order to provide real and noticeable results.

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