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Delegate Outcomes, Not Tasks

Chris Teague - 2 mins

What’s it for: Effective delegation.

Who’s it for: Those with a tendency to do themselves.

Do you consider yourself “a doer”? I know I do.

For those of us who are used to being the person doing the work, we find delegation tricky if not painful.

The tendency can be to either take on work myself or dive into the details of what needs doing and hand over a to-do list for a talented and perfectly capable person to action. Not only does this not scale, but it also under utilises and demotivates talent within the business.

A better approach we have found is to invite the team into both the thinking and the doing; to delegate outcomes, not just tasks. Not only does delegation result in things being accomplished in the here and now — it also equips the team to achieve something even harder the next time around.

The ability to get ‘hands-on’ and explore experiment, learn: is the way we’re designed to live (see my previous Alive at Work blog post); it gives people the chance to take in what works and what doesn’t, observe, stumble, fall… and then figure it out themselves.

When you delegate the outcomes and not the activities, you help employees not just execute the task at hand but equip them for every future task after that. You’re giving true ownership and activating your team.