Our Reasons to be thankful

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Thanksgiving has always been a symbolic holiday for People Activation, and this year it’s even more pertinent. We want to express our gratitude to all of the fantastic people who chose to engage with us as clients and those who help us, help organisations activate their people, achieve their ambitions and create a positive impact.

We count ourselves fortunate and are thankful especially in this COVID period to have had the opportunity to support global brands including the 2020 Nobel Prize-winning UN World Food Programme, Nestle Purina, Fujitsu, ITV, several global healthcare & pharmaceutical companies and many others.

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Culture Transformation

We delivered a campaign that encouraged participation across all 19,000 staff in 90 countries in a Values Consultation Exercise where they got to input and engage with the shaping of their future values at an early stage. This resulted in 5 clear values that showed total alignment across all global locations. Read more.

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Activating a new Global Strategy from afar.

This activation was designed to help engage the heads, hearts and hands of the leaders despite the remote format. The programme was designed to inspire leaders in their vision/mission and to give them the opportunity to hear from their customers. The activation resulted in 147 of the 150 leaders [98%] strongly agreeing/agreeing that the event was an invaluable investment of their time. Read more.

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Activating long lasting relationships.

A festival created to widen world views and gain new perspectives on the power of trust. Two days of insight, collaboration, music and culture. Discover new ways to build long lasting relationships and lead a trusted future for Fujitsu, customers and society, together. Read more.


Accelerate progress of FY20 priorities.

A remote live ‘hackathon’ experience to consider ‘How might we’ accelerate our FY20 priorities in the next six months? The workshop generated ideas with the following constraints; immediately actionable and self-governing, i.e. they can implement without additional investment. The session resulted in 84% of participants [218 of the 260 leaders] stating the workshop successfully supported the generation of actionable ideas to help support their FY20 objectives. Read more.

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We design on & offline experiences that help change the way people think, behave and perform in their roles. We do this through campaigns, live events and workshops.

We help activate:

  • Strategy, Vision and Values
  • Transformation and Change
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Brand Purpose
  • Engagement